Caring for your pets in the hot Summer weather

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Dog chilling in water

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Then it’s likely your pets are too! Sweltering Summer days are on the horizon with some of the highest temperatures so far, this week 29C! Read our tips on how to keep your furry buddies from overheating before you head to the pool to cool down on tropical Summer days yourselves!


First and foremost, keep your pet hydrated. This is obvious, but pets go through water quickly in the summer, so keep an eye on the water bowl at all times and refill as necessary. On particularly hot days, try adding some ice cubes to the bowl. Consider investing in a travel water bowl, which is ideal for taking on walks and trips along with a bottle of water for a refreshment and comfort break.

Walk your Four-Legged Buddy When it’s Cool

This is probably an obvious tip but one that folks sometimes don’t consider enough. It’s a great idea to take your dog out on daily walks, but be mindful of when and where you walk them. If you must walk you dog during the day, consider protecting their paws from hot asphalt with dog booties.

Put out a paddling pool

Paddling pools are not only perfect for your little ones during a heat wave but pets too! Put just a couple of inches of water in it, and place it in a shady location. The water hose game can also be a lot of fun on a hot day! Make sure to control the force of the water, so that your pet doesn’t get hit by the stream. Then, simply move the hose around and start a fun chasing game.

CHECK the floor temperature with your feet

Having access to cool floor surfaces such as the tiles in your bathroom can help your dog or cat cool off quickly. When you leave home make sure your pet has access to the bathroom or another place he or she can lay on to regulate his or her temperature.

Give your pet a haircut

Long-haired dogs are more likely to be affected by the heat than those with short hair, so it’s a good idea to get your dog a trim come the summer months.

Never, ever leave your pet in a parked car!

We all love taking our pets with us wherever we go, but unless you’re taking them with you when you depart from your car, leave them at home. Confinement in a car or any other poorly ventilated enclosure can be fatal to your dog or other pet. Your car’s temperature can soar to double that or more if the temperature outdoors is 22C!

Hope these tips help you keep your furry friend cool this season! Do you have a tip that should be added to this list? Leave a comment below to let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed!

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