The changing face of the British home through the years

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It’s interesting to see the evolution of the Scottish housing market over the years and how the concept of the family home has changed, although still reflecting the basic function of a home in providing shelter and privacy to all who live there.

You could easily fill a novel describing the history of the family home over the decades, but as I don’t plan to write a novel, let’s look at a shortened summary of how things have changed over the last century.

From the 1930’s through to the 1990’s the standard theme of design was to have separate rooms for various functions, such as lounge for sitting in, kitchen for cooking in, bedrooms for sleeping and bathroom for washing. The normal two storey home would have a kitchen and living room downstairs with bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.

Of all the rooms in the house the bathroom has seen the most change, with hot and cold running water and flushing toilets, it’s a long way from the outside toilet which often had to be emptied by hand. Also gone are the free-standing bathtubs, although these have tried to make a comeback as a retro style, where several people would share the same bath water that was heated by the stove. Pity the last person in, especially if they were from a big family.

Another addition to the bathroom was the introduction of the shower, which at first was attached to the bath taps, but through technology became a free-standing unit with many fancy features.

Coal and oil were the key power sources to heat and light the home but became redundant when electricity and gas came to the fore.

In today’s houses, you’ll find normal features like double-glazing, microwaves, televisions, which were all once luxury items but are now fully integrated into our lives and build-it-yourself flat packed furniture takes preference over solid wood pieces.

With the bombardment of home improvement shows on TV and interior design magazines, many of us change our home colour scheme as often as we change our fashion styles.

Property today is filled with cool features, chic design and wonderful technology offering more cost-effective solutions and sustainable options, with open plan living becoming increasingly popular.

Whilst it’s good to reminisce and look back through the ages, new homes today offer a cleaner, simpler, more efficient lifestyle. Have a look at our developments and find out about our available properties.

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