Downsizing – eight good reasons why it isn’t scary.

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Eldon Street apartment

There comes a time in all our lives when the kids have flown the nest and there’s just the two of you rattling around in that big empty house, that’s the time most people think about downsizing.

However, some people fear that downsizing will bring an abundance of worries and problems such as having no room for family and friends to come and stay or having no space to keep all those memorable items you’ve gathered over the years.

Do not fear, we’ve listed eight reasons why downsizing can actually be a good prospect.


  1. You could save and make a fortune when you sell your existing home, put some money in the bank for a rainy day and even pay off some of the cost of your new home.
  2. With a new home, you can start from a blank canvas and make it your own with new colour schemes, a new location, a dream kitchen, in fact, the world’s your oyster.
  3. Fed up going up and down the stairs? You can choose a spacious apartment with a private residents lift or go for a bungalow. You might prefer a smaller garden or maybe no garden at all – you choose what’s right for you.
  4. Downsizing can be very cost effective, although you may have the same amount utility bills having reduced the size of your rooms, in turn, should reduce the size of your bills.
  5. Having less space to keep clean and tidy must surely be a plus unless doing lots of cleaning is your thing.
  6. Sometimes the benefit of having less space is that you don’t have to find room for those unwanted guests that just turn up for the weekend unannounced.
  7. If hoarding is your thing then beware, you might have to have a clear out or hire some storage space.
  8. Of course the big benefit – especially at Christmas time – is that you no longer have to play host to the family for Christmas dinner, instead, you can let someone else deal with this and simply be a guest.

You see there are lots of advantages to downsizing, it’s really not scary at all.