Why downsizing isn’t as scary as you think

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When your children have flown the nest and there’s just the two of you rattling around in that big empty house, that’s the time we start to think about downsizing.

However, the fear in our mind is that downsizing can create an abundance of worries and problems which often stops us making what could be one of our better decisions. The main worries we have are not having enough room for family and friends to come and stay or having no space to keep all those memorable items we’ve gathered over the years.

Downsizing doesn’t have to be a fear and here are some reasons why downsizing can be a good prospect.

  • Depending on your circumstances selling your existing home could allow you to downsize and be mortgage free, or maybe you just want to put money in the bank to allow you to live more comfortably.


  • With a new home, you would start from a blank canvas, choose new colour schemes, your own dream kitchen, in fact, you can tailor it to how you want it the world’s your oyster.


  • Don’t know about you but my knees are not what they used to be, making stairs more of an effort, so being able to choose from a spacious apartment with a private resident lift or a bungalow can make life easier. And if you’re not big on gardening you might prefer a smaller garden or maybe no garden at all – you choose what’s right for you.


  • Downsizing can help reduce your utility bills, although you may have the same amount of utility bills, reducing the size of your rooms can bring down the cost.


  • Having less space to keep clean and tidy must surely be a plus unless doing lots of cleaning is your thing.


  • Having less space can sometimes have its benefits, it means you don’t have to find room for those unwanted guests that just turn up for the weekend unannounced.


  • If hoarding is your thing then beware, you might have to have a clear out or hire some storage space.


  • Of course, the biggest benefit – especially at Christmas time – is that you no longer have to play host to all the family for Christmas dinner, instead, let someone else deal with this and simply be a guest.

You see there are lots of advantages to downsizing, it’s not scary at all.

Ogilvie Homes have some spacious apartments at many of their developments, well worth having a look at if you’re considering downsizing.



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