Some incredible facts about Easter

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With Easter weekend upon us, here are ten interesting facts you may or may not know about Easter:


  • The average household spend on Easter treats for family and friends is £75
  • In the UK every child receives on average 8.8 Easter eggs per year – based on the recommended calorie count for one week, that almost doubles it.
  • The first chocolate egg produced in the UK was created by Fry’s of Bristol in 1873.
  • Florida produced the largest Easter egg hunt with 9,753 children searching for 501,000 eggs – I estimate that at 52 eggs each, now that is a lot of chocolate.
  • Don’t know how you eat your chocolate Easter bunny, but it’s estimated that 76% of us bite off the ears first, 5% the feet and 4% go for the tail!
  • Traditionally in Scotland and the North-East of England, you’ll find many people rolling their painted eggs down steep hills. Parts of America do the same except they push their eggs with a spoon.
  • Cadbury’s crème eggs are the most popular egg-shaped chocolate in the world and Cadbury’s produce 1.5 million of these every day.
  • The most expensive Easter egg was created by Faberge and was covered in diamonds, it was sold in 2007 for a massive £9 million.
  • 43% of children admit to temptation by eating their first chocolate egg before Easter Sunday – naughty naughty!
  • The giving of eggs at Easter goes back as far as the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Persian, who believed that an egg was the symbol of life.


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Happy Easter Everyone!

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