How to make evening parties in the garden magical

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Garden party at night

Having friends round for drinks in the garden doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down, in fact with these warm Summer nights you can party on in the moonlight. With a little creative input and some planning, you can turn your garden into a magical place for friend and family to hang out.

As night falls the strong vivid colours of the flowers can be a little lost, so focusing on the senses rather than the sight becomes more appealing, plant wonderful smelling bushes and flowers or even herbs and fruits that you can touch and taste.

Beautiful fragrant plants like Jasmine and Casablanca lilies will fill the night with a gorgeous scent or a spicy tone with night Gladiolus. Mint and Thyme offer a soothing herbal scent and white blooms can capture the moonlight and provide a real glow to your garden.

No night garden is complete without some soft lighting, hanging lanterns from branches or placed on the table can really set things off or why not drape some airy light along the fence and on the gate. Of course, candles can be beautiful, but be sure to protect the flame from any sharp winds and keep away from anything that could catch fire.

Your night garden is for relaxing so make sure you have some comfy seating with soft cushions and maybe even a footstool and don’t forget some throws and blankets in case the evening turns a bit chilly.

Not everyone wants loud music blaring in the background, so why not add some wind chimes and maybe a small water fountain offering a soothing and relaxing sound.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without some food and drink, make sure you have a good mix of both warm and cool foods so your guests can nibble throughout the evening. Provide a mix of light fragrant wines that will compliment the food and some home made fruit juices for those who don’t like alcohol.

Now that the garden is ready, the seating is in place and the lighting provides a soothing scene, just sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful evening with friends.

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