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With the good weather just around the corner (we hope!), it’s time to spruce up your garden and prepare a space for those barbeque party evenings.

Adding an enticing outdoor living space not only helps to increase the value of your home, but it extends your indoor space by providing an area for dining, barbequing or lounging.

Decking is one of the most popular outdoor projects that seems to have been fuelled by the abundance of new durable furniture, accessories and unique shade options as well as all the smart technology available that lets you watch movies and catch up on TV programmes.

So if you are hoping to make the most of any good weather we have, you’ve probably already been exploring the idea of having some decking in the garden.

Here are some things to consider before installing:


  • Make sure your property is good for a deck or patio or even both.
  • Decking is ideal for sloped gardens where you want a flat area.
  • Decking is also good for homes that sit high up above the ground as it can be built to any height.
  • Whilst some people prefer a patio, the ground has to be flat. Putting a patio on sloped ground could be costly.
  • You need to consider what you want from your decking, should it be multipurpose with areas for eating, cooking, hanging out. Depending on budget you can consider an outdoor TV, fire pit, hot tub or even a water feature.
  • You need to consider what size your decking area should be.
  • Are you a party animal or is your decking just for you and your partner?
  • Also you need to think about privacy as you don’t want to feel you’re on stage performing for the neighbours.
  • If your decking area is for dining out, then you might want to consider locating it close to the kitchen.
  • As we can’t always be guaranteed the best of weather you should consider some kind of covering such as retractable awnings, gazebos or large umbrellas.
  • A good lighting plan can extend the time you can actually use your decking.

Now is the time to plan and build your outdoor space, then sit back and enjoy!

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