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Amazon Echo

For those of us who have indulged in the virtual assistant in your living room, and I must admit I’m one of them, it never ceases to amaze me how much information I can gleam without having to move from my sofa.

Now Mortgage Brain has launched Mortgage Skill on Amazon Echo, that’s right now you can ask Alexa to search for a local mortgage adviser for you and after a few simple questions she will search through over 10,000 mortgages and provide you with the details that match your requirements.

Not only will she provide you with product details verbally, Alexa will send you a summary of the top fixed, variable and tracker mortgage results and deliver them to your Alexa App.

Is it me or is it all getting a bit surreal?

All you have to do is provide Alexa with your postcode and your personal assistant will provide you with the name and telephone number of your nearest mortgage advisor, she will also send a list of 10 local advisors to your Alexa app.

I can’t wait until Alexa can do the cleaning and cooking also.

Tell us how do you use your virtual assistant?

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