Moving home? Here’s some money saving tips.

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There are many additional expenses incurred when moving home and whilst we cannot control some of these, there are some expenses we can cost save on.

> Before moving into your new home is the perfect time to declutter, especially if you are downsizing. By getting rid of all the things you don’t need or use anymore you’ll have less to pack, saving you time and with less boxes you may also save money on removal companies. You could also make some money by selling your items online or at a car boot sale.

> When deciding on your moving date you can save money by choosing a weekday as weekend removals can be more expensive as well as the roads being busier.

> Choosing a removal company can be difficult, so you might want to look at a comparison site to find out the best deals.

> Make sure the removal company’s insurance covers all your goods both in transit and for packing and unpacking at each end. You may also want to check to see if your home insurance covers your move both at your current house and at your new home.

> Many people take packing boxes from the removal company, however that can sometimes be expensive.Alternatively some online retailers will sell second hand packing boxes for a lot less cost. Don’t forget though removal company boxes are often a lot sturdier.

> Another way to save money is to pack all your possessions yourself. Make sure you have lots of old newspapers and blankets or towels to wrap up your breakables, you may even be able to encourage friends and family to help.

> You can save money on your phone bills by changing address details online with all the relevant people such as banks and utility companies.

> Your furniture may not fit into your new home and you may need to buy some new furniture or if it’s your first home friends and family might offer you some second hand furniture, either way with the new trend in retro and recycling there are loads of charity shops and online sites where you can find the right pieces to match your decor. Or you could take advantage of the fully furnished packages available with new Ogilvie Homes.

> Moving home provides an excellent opportunity to shop around utility companies for the best deals and packages and as a new customer you are more likely to be offered a better option than their existing customers.
It’s an exciting time when moving home and it doesn’t have to eat into all your savings, with some simple planning and shopping around you really can reduce your costs.

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