Moving to a new home at Christmas

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You’ve sold your existing property, you’ve got your mortgage sorted out and you’re about to pick up the keys to your new home – you can imagine the added pressure of moving home at Christmas between shopping for presents and organising Christmas day dinner. However, with careful planning, it doesn’t have to be that stressful.

We all dream of a white Christmas, playing in the snow with the family and building a snowman, but snow on the day you’re moving can be a hinderance, so make sure you have plenty salt to put on your path, driveway and even the pavement to ensure that your removal team don’t slip.

Make sure you have lots of warm clothes on as the house is likely to be cold especially as the front door will be open whilst the furniture is brought in.

With everything that’s going on don’t forget to contact your utility providers, the last thing you need when moving in winter is to have no heating, hot water, gas or electricity, imagine the disappointment if you can’t put on the fairy lights on the Christmas tree or cook the turkey.

I expect decorating the house at Christmas is the last thing on your mind, however, it’s really important not to lose the Christmas spirit (and I don’t mean the alcoholic kind) at this time of year. Getting out the tinsel and putting up the tree makes your new house feel homely, especially for the children.

Make sure the first thing you put up are curtains, not just to keep those prying eyes out, but for security and warmth.

Remember over the holiday period a lot of the local shops might close early so make sure you stock up your cupboards and failing that have a note of the local take away number.

Finally let’s not forget to tell in in-laws, family and friends your new address, you don’t want your Christmas cards to go to the wrong house or be sitting with a massive turkey on Christmas day and no-one turns up.

Don’t forget Christmas is all about tradition and although moving home can be challenging don’t miss out on the usual family events like going to church or playing board games.

Whether you’re moving house for Christmas or moving in for New Year we wish you joy and happiness in your new home.

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