Shopping essentials for Your First Home

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Whether you’re buying your first home, getting married or just looking for your own place, you are bound to have a list of necessary essentials to add to your shopping list. Before you go off on a massive shop, take a moment to plan and think about what‘s required so you can avoid any unnecessary buys and save money.

In the kitchen – choose some hard-working multitasking tools, no need to buy an array of utensils when a pair of tongs, a few wooden spoons, a spatula and a ladle can cover most things. Some good quality pots and pans, a set of kitchen knives and a sturdy chopping board will be enough to get you started. Be sure that what you are buying you will use, otherwise you’ll end up cluttering up your cupboards with equipment that’s simply gathering dust.

In the dining area – choose some classic basics, white dishes can be dressed up, clear glassware can be used for everyday and for special occasions, stainless steel cutlery is always a safe bet and a neutral linen tablecloth with matching napkins lets you dress up your table with a colourful vase or fruit bowl.

In the bedroom – choose neutral colours, soft whites and creams can match any bedroom colour, if you can, check out the sales for pillows, a mattress and mattress cover and try and buy the best quality you can afford. Two sets of sheets and pillowcases allow for changing and linen sheets can last a lifetime and don’t deteriorate with age. It’s fine to have lots of fancy cushions on your bed, but after a while, it can become tiresome taking them off and on all the time.

In the bathroom – choose just enough towels, usually, two sets plus a spare set for guests will suffice. Whilst beautiful fluffy white towels can look stunning, they can also become shabby after a while and tend to lose that bright white colour they started with. Choose a colour that won’t lose its looks such as a classic grey.

Whatever the room you can stay organized by investing in some matching boxes and jars for keeping all those bits and pieces in.

Most of all make sure you enjoy it because moving into your first home is one of the most exciting things in your life.

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