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We always find it very interesting to see some of the most unusual designs that people build when designing their property and Grand Designs homes on Channel 4 is one of the best shows to view these weird and wonderful designs.

To quote the famous ‘looking through the keyhole’ television show, I can’t help but say – “who lives in a house like this?”

Here are just a few of our chosen favourites, which ones did you like most?

The Arched Eco Home appeared in series nine and was inspired by a fourteenth-century technique, it was constructed from 26,000 handmade tiles and 10 tons of newspapers were used as insulation.


Arched Eco-friendly house design

Series three saw Ben Law’s wooden house, one of the most popular episodes, which say him construct his home using 300 barley bales for the walls. The whole project took eight months and the total cost build was £28,000.


Wooden house built from barley bales

My own favourite appeared in series fourteen and was constructed of four shipping containers, the shipping container house had a build budget of £130,000 and took even months to complete. An excellent example of recycling.


Recycled shipping containers home

In series one the Straw Bale Eco-House was constructed in London, consisting of straw bales and sandbag cladding, unusual ingredients for a London property. The cost of the plot of land was £78,000 with the build cost being £600,000 and it took over five years to complete.


Eco-friendly house built from straw bales and sandbag cladding

Monty’s Underground House appeared in series five and cost £220,000 to build including the plot of land. This contemporary home has a retractable roof, LED light fittings that double as a shower and a slide away bed that turns into a bath.



Underground home with a retractable roof

Not sure if I fancy living under the ground though?

These are just some of the wacky but wonderful properties we’ve seen throughout the series. Tell us what’s your favourite and why?

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