How to stay warm this winter without setting the bills on fire.

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Icy windows

As we enter November the weather has a definite chill to it, so how do we stay warm without burning the bank balance? With the increase in interest rates and energy companies continually putting up prices, it’s a good idea to adopt some simple tricks to keep your home warm without costing a fortune.

Here are some winter warmer tips:

  1. One of the key places most houses lose heat are the windows, even with double glazing the best way to ensure you keep in the heat is by hanging warm, thick and thermal lined curtains. If you don’t want to splash out on new curtains, you can line them yourself with warm materials such as fleece. It’s not just the windows you might need a curtain, front and back doors might need something to keep the drafts out.
  2. Set your heating to come on at times of the day when your room temperature drops below a reasonable level. Some people say it’s more efficient to keep the heating on all day, however, this is a myth, having it timed is far more effective.
  3. We’re all partial to wooden floors these days, but did you know that as much as 10% of heat can be lost if they’re not insulated properly. Whilst rugs can help by keeping your feet warm, carpets are still the best insulating floor covering.
  4. Make sure you shut doors as this prevents cold air moving into the rest of the house and especially rooms you’ve already generated heat in.
  5. Keep radiators clear, avoid putting furniture in front of them as the heat is then absorbed by the furniture. You might think putting the dogs’ bed next to the radiator is good for them, well it might very well be but it does stop the heat getting to the other parts of the room. Putting a shelf above the radiator can be beneficial, especially if you have very high ceilings as this stops the hot air from rising or if the radiator is below a window.
  6. The old-fashioned draught excluder still has a place in today’s modern homes, although some new homes have a fitted brush style excluder attached to the bottom of the doors, the long sausage-shaped stuffed material excluder can prevent those irritating draughts.

These are just 6 simple ideas to keep the heat in this winter, however, if you have any others we’d love to hear them.

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