Tips to staying cool in the heatwave

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As hard as it is to imagine in Scotland, we’re having a heatwave. With temperatures threating to soar to 30 degrees’ centigrade tomorrow we thought we’d offer a little advice on how to stay cool in the heat.

Cover up

As soon as the sun takes it’s hat off we’re out in the least amount of clothes trying to catch a tan, however, one of the ways to stay cool is to wear long loose clothes made of natural fibres to help protect your skin from some serious burning.

Don’t Fan Yourself

The obvious thing to do in hot weather is to fan yourself, particularly with your hands. Although this might create a rush of air, it also takes a lot of energy which in turn pushes up your body temperature. If you’re going to fan, at least use something with a large flexible surface area.

Lie on the Floor

Whilst the floor is not necessarily the most comfortable, it’s the best place to be as hot air rises.

Deep Breathing

No, it’s not an exercise, but for those Yoga lovers, you’ll know it as a cooling technique, where you roll your tongue and breath slowly through your mouth, to help lower body heat.

Put ice cubes in front of the fan

If you place a cup of ice cubes in front of the electric fan, the ice cools the air and the combination of the ice and the air helps to beat the warmest of weather.

Avoid large meals

Eating small amounts of cold food throughout the day is far better than a big meal, apart from the fact you’ll feel hotter, asking your digestive system to work harder generates body heat.

Keep your curtains closed

During the day keep the room shaded by keeping the curtains closed and preventing the sun from shining into the room. Although it may seem unnatural to have the curtains closed in the day, it certainly keeps the room cooler.

Wear light colours

Wearing light pastel, white and pale beige colours are the best shades to keep your skin cool. Avoid black or other dark colours as they absorb heat.

These are just a few of the ways to stay cool in the hot sun, we’re not saying don’t enjoy the heatwave, but please stay safe and look out for those more vulnerable.

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