Top tips to stay fit and enjoy Summer

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Summer fitness

It’s still Summer and the sun is still shining, so here are some top tips on how to enjoy the rest of Summer, treat yourself and have some fun in the process while staying fit.


A morning workout

Set your alarm and do that workout first thing in the morning, let’s face it as the day goes on you are less likely to do it, so kick start your metabolism and get those endorphins moving to have an awesome day ahead.

Packed lunch

Whether you’re going out or staying in getting, into the habit of preparing lunch early will help you with the munchies and stop you reaching for junk foods. Make sure you plan.

Smart Drinking

It’s easy to reach for the calorie drinks in the hot summer sun, but there’s a better way to quench your thirst – infused sparkling water. Add some natural fruits and herbs to sparkling water, such as lemon and strawberries, grapefruit and thyme, blueberry and mandarin, get the idea!

Cooked vegetables

If you grill your vegetables you’ll find they have so much more flavour, you can toss them in some balsamic vinegar or a bit of olive oil, season and add to your plate, mmmm…

Shop local

There’s some great local produce around us so find out where your nearest farmers market is and pick up a basket of home grown fruits and vegetables.

Play outside

It’s not just about eating and drinking, take advantage of the summer weather while you can, let’s face it there’ll be plenty winter months ahead to stay indoors. Get on your bike, go for a hike, swim or rollerblade, it doesn’t matter what you do just get outside and soak up mother nature’s natural vitamin D and feel good.

Enjoy life

Healthy living is about finding the right balance for you, none of us are perfect but what’s the fun in that, just do what you can do and enjoy it. Remember you’re doing this to make yourself feel better!

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