Turn Summer outside, inside, with these cool ideas.

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Summer living room

Hot Summer days, warm Summer nights and easy outdoor living is what we all look forward to in June and July, but it’s also important to have some relaxing space indoors to chill and regroup.

Here are some ideas to create an indoor style whilst giving it an outdoor feel:

    1. Summer is the perfect time to let go of the clutter, create more space and bring Summer colours into the room with pastels and florals.
    2. If you think about lying on the beach and reading a book then why not create that same atmosphere inside by putting away all those electronic devices and instead of reaching for your phone or laptop, reach for a book and give your eyes a rest from the screens.
    3. Bring out those board games you’ve had hidden at the back of the cupboard and give them a prime spot as a reminder to have some fun family days and night.
    4. Dress the room with some wall art of family snaps or why not turn a great family holiday image into wallpaper.
    5. Don’t forget our furry friends, instead of stressing to keep them off the sofa, use some easy to wash covers over the furniture and enjoy cuddling up to them on cool Summer nights.
    6. No need to spend time and money on trolling the shops for fancy beach themed items to dress your room, take a look outside and see what treasures you can pick up such as shells from the beach, fresh cut flowers from the garden, a bowl of ripe peaches on the table, in fact, all of these items can create a warm Summery vibe to your room.
    7. In true British Summer, we can expect some stormy weather so don’t forget to have a few cosy blankets on hand to snuggle up in with a hot mug of tea and a real flame fire to sit round.

Summer doesn’t have to depend on the weather, you can still enjoy those Summer days and nights by bringing a taste of Summer inside.

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