Turning your utility room into a compact and practical laundry room

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Laundry Room

Your utility room doesn’t have to be a place where you just leave muddy boots or clean the dogs’ paws, even the tiniest space can be turned into a practical and functioning area.

It may be one of the smallest rooms in the house but you can pack a lot of storage and work surface solutions into small areas.

Out of sight design

Laundry is inevitable but it doesn’t have to take over the house, even your utility room can look clean and spacious with clever design. Have your washer and dryer integrated and concealed with a door, build a fold-away iron board onto the wall which can be folded up and hidden in the cupboard, even your laundry basket can be on a roll out drawer. All this makes the space look clean and tidy no matter how much laundry you have.

Keep the room light and bright with lots of white or pale colours adding to the spacious effect, add some handy solutions for dripping clothes by installing an in-floor drain under a hook or hanging rod giving you the ability to hang up wet clothing and let them air dry. If you’re into a more retro effect why not install a pulley just like your granny used to have.

Overhead cabinets provide additional storage space for washing powder and other washing products and don’t forget to ensure you have a non-slip floor to avoid any accidents.

Whatever your room size smart designing can add practical storage solutions that keeps everything hidden from view behind a wall of doors and leaves you with a clean spacious room, in fact, you can fold a lot of different storage and workspace solutions into almost any layout.

Makes you think!

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