UK’s scariest street names

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With Halloween upon us, we’ve been looking at some of the scariest street names around Britain and wondering how they got these names?

Was it that something terribly gruesome that happened there or is it just someone’s strange sense of humour? 

From Elm Street in Manchester to Blood Hill in Suffolk, here’s a list of other scary street names:

Devil’s Dyke Road, Brighton

Black Cat Drive, Northampton

Blood Hill, Somersham

Warlock Road, Paddington

Gallow’s Hill, Warwick

Ghost House Lane, Beeston

Hallow Road, Worcester

Witches Walk, Bridgewater

Cemetery Road, Sheffield

Headless Cross Drive, Redditch

Bats Lane, Dorset

Dead Lane, Colchester

Crucifix Lane, Camberwell

Hanging Hill Lane, Brentwood

Hell Lane, Wakefield

To name just a few.

Whilst these street names might look a bit frightening at first glance, it is said that many derive from Old English words that describe the landscape and most have an innocent origin, however, names such as Gallows Hill in Lancaster refers to a place of execution where a group of witches where hanged in 1612.

But are there really haunted roads? Kinmount Straight on the A75 in Scotland has had reports of paranormal activity with sightings of furniture vans, huge cats and medieval peasants pulling handcarts and The Devil’s Highway in Bolton, known to be an accident blackspot where many drivers claim to swerve to avoid the ghostly figures walking towards their car.

Whether true or not, these all sound pretty scary. 

Maybe you know some scary street names or have seen some strange goings on in certain places. Tell us your story.