We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up.

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Christmas Wrapping

The bow, the finely creased edges, the deftly wrapped box — a beautifully wrapped present can indicate that someone really took the time to find the perfect gift.

Meanwhile, your present to them looks like a toddler got tangled up in wrapping paper and then took a nap.

Well, don’t turn to the old gift bag and tissue paper cop-out just yet. Our wrapping tips and tricks will make you into a wrapping genius.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

Scissors and tape are fine, but if you’re serious about becoming a better gift wrapper, then buy the right tools. A rotary cutter and pop-up tape dispenser will save time and energy — think of it like a pizza cutter for paper. No more jagged edges or wads of discarded tape!

Wrap Gifts On A Hard Surface

To avoid tearing your wrapping paper, be sure to wrap your presents on a hard surface like a countertop or table. This will also keep everything crisply folded to help avoid wrinkles in the wrapping paper. Working on a softer surface makes it much harder to control the paper, which often leads to tearing and frustration.

Wrap Gifts Upside Down

Although this seems obvious, even the most experienced gift wrappers forget this crucial step from time-to-time. Be sure to place the gift face down so that the wrapping paper overlaps underneath the gift.

Colour-Coded Wrapping

Have a lot of gifts to give this year? Assign each family member a different colour paper, and you won’t even need gift tags. This is a fun way for everyone to identify his or her presents.

Choose a Palette

If you don’t have enough material to colour-code, try choosing a palette to unify the gifts you wrap — then vary the materials; everything you give will have your signature for the season

Wrap the Perfect Box

The secret to a beautifully wrapped box? Not using too much paper, which causes bulky, sloppy folds. Before trimming, wrap the paper around the box — the ends should overlap just a couple of inches. When folded over the ends, the paper should extend a little more than halfway.

Use Decorative Tape

Forget ribbon, this decorative tape gets the job done just fine. Made in Japan using traditional washi paper, the 50-foot rolls come in two widths and 125 cheerful colours and graphic patterns that transform any solid wrapping paper into something special.

Gift wrapping can be time-consuming and pricey, but these tips are sure to save money and time…two things everyone needs a little more of around the festive season. Think you’ll use these tips? Be sure to let us know which one works well for you.

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