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Here at Ogilvie Homes we’re always thinking about the environment, from making sure our homes compliment the location, to making sure we use the correct products to ensure our homes are as energy efficient as possible.

We all need to do our bit to help the environment so here are some top tips to make your Christmas eco-friendly.

Picking the right tree – your natural instinct would be to buy a real tree, however real trees tend to come from tree farms who use fossil fuel to harvest them.

Buying a fake tree is not a good option as large amounts of petroleum is used in the manufacturing, however if you plan to re-use your fake tree year after year you’re reducing the amount of fossil fuel used in harvesting real trees.

Now potted trees are great, but they do have to be kept outdoors which could pose a bit of a problem unless of course you have a front porch.

Eco friendly gifts –  buying gifts that use natural resources is very fashionable and often have a longer shelf life.                                                                                                                            

Here are some gift ideas to think about – Candles are always popular make sure you choose beeswax or natural soy candles with a cotton wick.

If it’s stocking fillers your looking for why not consider some greener options (and I don’t mean an apple instead of an orange!) try some fair trade organic chocolate or other healthy options from your local health food store.

For the kids why not treat your budding little builders to some hardwood blocks and construction sets, after all they could be the next generation of Ogilvie Homes construction workers, or for the more creative there are lots of arts and craft options.

And for the adults, you don’t have to give up your glass of wine with your Christmas dinner, there are many good organic wines to choose from.

So you see we can all do our bit for the environment with a little care and attention you can make this Christmas an eco- friendly Christmas.